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*** empty log message ***

git-svn-id: 4d9ac71a-51e6-0310-8455-cad1006bcd31
parent e4dd4b43
......@@ -76,7 +76,7 @@ $(TARGET_TD) : $(patsubst %.cpp,$(TARGDIR)/%.tdo,$(SRCS))
.PHONY: clean install
rm -f $(TARGDIR)/*.{o,do,to,tdo} $(TARGET) $(TARGET_D) $(TARGET_T) $(TARGET_TD)
-mkdir $(INSTDIR)
......@@ -425,8 +425,7 @@ static void *thr_ ## M_FUN(thr_params *p) { \
/*! \brief Set up a threaded method callback for an arbitrary data struct
\note Pointer of data struct is only borrowed ... no destruction is done
\note This can be done in the called method
\note Data is pure... no destructor is called upon delete
static void cb_ ## M_FUN(flext_base *c,void *data) { \
......@@ -29,15 +29,22 @@ WARRANTIES, see the file, "license.txt," in this distribution.
bool flext_base::StartThread(void *(*meth)(thr_params *p),thr_params *p,char *methname)
static bool init = false;
static pthread_attr_t attr;
#ifdef _DEBUG
if(!p) {
return false;
if(!init) {
init = true;
pthread_t thrid;
int ret = pthread_create (&thrid,NULL,(void *(*)(void *))meth,p);
int ret = pthread_create (&thrid,&attr,(void *(*)(void *))meth,p);
if(ret) {
error((char *)(ret == EAGAIN?"%s - Unsufficient resources to launch thread!":"%s - Could not launch method!"),methname);
delete p;
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