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......@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@ Version history:
- added threaded methods along with a message queue for ToOut* functions
- check/update function for buffer change (resize etc.)
- description text for inlets/outlets (e.g. for MaxMSPs assist function)
- added buffer resize (to be implemented for MaxMSP!)
- added buffer resize functions flext_base::buffer::Frames(int,bool)
- added some utility functions: Sleep, CopyAtom, CopyList
- added List manipulation classes: AtomList, AtomAnything
- Alias object names (simply specify with FLEXT_NEW*, separated by whitespace)
......@@ -175,12 +175,14 @@ general:
- PD: problems with timed buffer redrawing (takes a lot of cpu time)
- hard thread termination upon object destruction doesn't seem to work properly
- hard thread termination upon object destruction doesn't seem to work properly -> crash
- Max rounding bug (at least version 4.0.5) ... buffer resize could be one sample less!
- PD: figure out what "pointer" messages do and where they occur
- some more mutexes needed for thread safety?
- test alias names with MaxMSP
- buffer resize: flext_base::buffer::Frames(): should we use buffer or system sample rate?
- abstraction for parsing argument lists
......@@ -149,9 +149,38 @@ bool flext_base::buffer::Update()
void flext_base::buffer::Frames(int fr,bool keep)
#ifdef PD
#pragma message ("flext - Buffer resize not implemented!")
t_sample *tmp = NULL;
int sz = frames;
if(fr < sz) sz = fr;
if(keep) {
// copy buffer data to tmp storage
tmp = new t_sample[sz];
error("flext::buffer - not enough memory for keeping buffer~ contents");
t_atom msg;
_buffer *buf = (_buffer *)sym->s_thing;
// b_msr reflects buffer sample rate... is this what we want?
// Max bug: adding 0.small value 0.001 to get right sample count
float ms = fr/buf->b_msr+0.001;
::typedmess((object *)buf,gensym("size"),1,&msg);
if(tmp) {
// copy data back
delete[] tmp;
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