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    mingw32: Don't install any binaries into system32. · dd619411
    Albert Gräf authored
    Our 32 bit Windows installer currently installs some binaries (dll and
    exe files) in the Windows system32 directory. This is unnecessary (all
    required dlls are already in the program bin directory where pd.exe will
    readily find them), and actually a nuisance, since we currently don't
    remove some of the dlls in system32 again when uninstalling, causing a
    lot of inconvenient prompts from the installer when upgrading or
    If the user wants to run cyclist, pdreceive, or pdsend from whatever
    command line he uses, he can easily add the program bin directory to
    PATH himself. That's much better than having our installer pollute the
    system32 directory.
    The mingw64 build already does it that way, here we simply apply the
    same fixes to the mingw32 build.
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