Commit 31c7677d authored by Jonathan Wilkes's avatar Jonathan Wilkes
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Merge branch 'disable-garray-paste'

parents 51c7b2e5 da7b9b5c
......@@ -6523,6 +6523,9 @@ static void canvas_paste(t_canvas *x)
if (!x->gl_editor)
// prevent pasting in a toplevel garray window
if (x->gl_list && glist_istoplevel(x) && canvas_hasarray(x))
if (x->gl_editor->e_textedfor)
/* simulate keystrokes as if the copy buffer were typed in. */
......@@ -1313,6 +1313,7 @@ int scalar_doclick(t_word *data, t_template *template, t_scalar *sc,
/* Unfortunately, nested gops don't yet handle scalar clicks correctly. The
nested scalar seems not to receive the click. However, the enter/leave
messages happen just fine since most of their logic is in tcl/tk. */
/* I tried nested GOP and it appears to work ok */
static int scalar_click(t_gobj *z, struct _glist *owner,
int xpix, int ypix, int shift, int alt, int dbl, int doit)
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