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fix #228: use pd-l2ork paths in sys_setextrapath

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......@@ -310,15 +310,15 @@ void sys_setextrapath(const char *p)
#ifdef __APPLE__
sys_expandpath("~/Library/Pd", pathbuf);
sys_expandpath("~/Library/Pd-l2ork", pathbuf);
pd_extrapath = namelist_append(0, pathbuf, 0);
pd_extrapath = namelist_append(pd_extrapath, "/Library/Pd", 0);
pd_extrapath = namelist_append(pd_extrapath, "/Library/Pd-l2ork", 0);
#ifdef _WIN32
sys_expandpath("%AppData%/Pd", pathbuf);
sys_expandpath("%AppData%/Pd-l2ork", pathbuf);
pd_extrapath = namelist_append(0, pathbuf, 0);
sys_expandpath("%CommonProgramFiles%/Pd", pathbuf);
sys_expandpath("%CommonProgramFiles%/Pd-l2ork", pathbuf);
pd_extrapath = namelist_append(pd_extrapath, pathbuf, 0);
/* add built-in "extra" path last so its checked last */
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