Commit 9ec08d0b authored by Albert Gräf's avatar Albert Gräf
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Add missing dlls for fluid~ on Windows. Fixes #540.

parent 2c4c3e84
......@@ -109,6 +109,9 @@ ifneq ($(LIGHT),yes)
install -p $(bin_src)/libtre-5.dll $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/
# For fluid~
install -p $(bin_src)/libfluidsynth-2.dll $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/
install -p $(bin_src)/libgmodule-2.0-0.dll $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/
install -p $(bin_src)/libreadline8.dll $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/
install -p $(bin_src)/libtermcap-0.dll $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/
# For other external libs
install -p $(bin_src)/lua53.dll $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/
#install -p $(bin_src)/pthreadGC2.dll $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/
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