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Add some comments and a few more useful desktop action examples to the main...

Add some comments and a few more useful desktop action examples to the main desktop file, so that the user understands how to adjust these if needed.
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......@@ -9,17 +9,45 @@ Actions=ALSA;JACK;ForceQuit
# These actions will be shown if you right-click on the application icon in
# your compliant DE. See:
[Desktop Action ALSA]
# Force ALSA audio.
Exec=/bin/sh -c "pd-l2ork -rt -alsa -audiobuf 20"
[Desktop Action JACK]
# Force JACK audio.
Exec=/bin/sh -c "pd-l2ork -rt -jack -audiobuf 20"
[Desktop Action ForceQuit]
# Kill all running instances of Purr Data and the corresponding nw.js
# processes. Useful as a last resort if the application seems to hang for some
# reason. You might want to add the -9 option to kill the application even if
# it's completely locked up.
Name=Force Quit Pd-L2Ork
Exec=/bin/sh -c "/usr/bin/killall pd-l2ork nw"
# Here are some more examples of actions that you may find useful. To enable
# these, add them to the Actions= line above.
[Desktop Action Unique]
# Launch a new instance of Purr Data each time this action is invoked.
Exec=/bin/sh -c "purr-data -unique -rt -audiobuf 20"
[Desktop Action Verbose]
# Launch Purr Data in verbose mode (lots of messages useful for debugging).
Exec=/bin/sh -c "purr-data -verbose -rt -audiobuf 20"
[Desktop Action NoPrefs]
# Launch Purr Data without reading its configuration file (useful if the
# program won't launch because the preferences got messed up very badly).
Name=No Prefs
Exec=/bin/sh -c "purr-data -noprefs -rt -audiobuf 20"
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