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......@@ -24,6 +24,8 @@ and we will give you feedback.
[Compatibility layer for Canvas Local Abstractions](#ab-compatibility-layer)
[Make an Ancient Wish from the 90s Come True](#ancient-wish)
Completed Projects From Previous Years
......@@ -282,6 +284,33 @@ a shim. This way the main patch could remain the same in both versions of Pd.
C, possibly a little bit of HTML5/Javascript to add the menu option and
event handler.
Ancient Wish
### Goal
Fulfill an ancient prophecy as written in a comment that probably dates back
to the 90s:
/* once the DSP graph is built, we call this routine to sort it.
This routine also deletes the graph; later we might want to leave the
graph around, in case the user is editing the DSP network, to save having
to recreate it all the time. But not today. */
### Details
Hidden deep in the source code. Armed only with your trusty `grep` you must
spelunk deep into the source code to retrieve the ancient comment. From there
you must climb out, reading the crags and crevasses of the surrounding code
to understand the hows and whys of granting the ancient wish.
### Challenges
Not for the faint of heart.
### Languages
Core Accessibility
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