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start process of adding project ideas suitable for shortened GSoC summer hours

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[Purr Data as a Web App](#inject-purr-data-directly-into-the-web)
[Web App UI Cleanup](#Web App UI Cleanup)
[Completed Projects From Previous Years](#completed-projects-from-previous-years)
[Profile and Optimize Purr Data for Realtime Safety](#profile-and-optimize-purr-data-for-realtime-safety)
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[Improve Our Monstrously Complex Build System](#improve-our-monstrously-complex-build-system)
Web App UI Cleanup
### Goal
Complete the development of Purr Data as a web app by solving various UI
problems the current alpha version has.
### Details
Making the native Purr Data app run in a web browser was one of our GSoC 2020
projects. We have built an
[alpha version](
that provides basic features, but there are still many bugs and issues to be
fixed in order to make the app as usable as the native Purr Data app.
### Some of your work will include:
* Making shortcuts work depending on the device platform (macOS, Windows, Linux)
* Improving the file manager so the files/folders can be added/renamed/deleted
* Improving layout of menu and patch windows for better user experience
* Fixing many small bugs to make the app more stable and usable
You can find more information about our progress and TODOs from
### Languages
Javascript, HTML, CSS, and experience with SVG will be plus
Completed Projects From Previous Years
* Add Double Precision Floating Point Format. Pranay Gupta.
* ASCII Art interpreter. Aayush Surana.
* Purr Data Web App Frontend. Hugo Carvalho.
* Purr Data Web App Backend. Zack Lee.
* Canvas-private abstractions, automated encapsulation and abstraction saving.
Guillem Bartrina.
Inject Purr Data Directly into the Web
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