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[Worst of All Possible Worlds Interpreter](#worst-of-all-possible-worlds-interpreter)
[Improve Our Mostrously Complex Build System](#improve-our-mostroustly-complex-build-system)
Inject Purr Data Directly into the Web
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Improve Our Monstrously Complex Build System
### Goal
Simplify the build system so that it is intelligible to humans, especially
new developers. Make it possible to build both the core of Purr Data and an
an installer binary in less time than it currently takes.
Additionally, improve the CI runners so they are easier to maintain and
find a way for us to automate our release process.
### Challenges
The build system uses many recursively-called Makefiles and even downloads
a binary of the GUI toolkit using a wrapper script. While Purr Data does
have regression testing, we don't currently check for things like making
sure all the help documentation got installed correctly, or even that
every single external library ships. It's quite dangerous even to make
small changes to such complex makefiles, so some testing will need to be
implemented to ensure that this project is a success.
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