Commit 33ef006d authored by Jonathan Wilkes's avatar Jonathan Wilkes
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remove more unused variables

parent 86a04ab4
......@@ -533,10 +533,8 @@ static int array_rangeop_getrange(t_array_rangeop *x,
t_glist *glist;
t_array *a = array_client_getbuf(&x->x_tc, &glist);
char *elemp;
int stride, fieldonset, arrayonset, nitem, i, type;
int stride, fieldonset, arrayonset, nitem, type;
t_symbol *arraytype;
double sum;
t_template *template;
if (!a)
return (0);
......@@ -720,8 +718,8 @@ static void array_random_seed(t_array_random *x, t_floatarg f)
static void array_random_bang(t_array_random *x)
char *itemp, *firstitem;
int stride, nitem, arrayonset, i;
char *firstitem;
int stride, nitem, arrayonset;
if (!array_rangeop_getrange(&x->x_r, &firstitem, &nitem, &stride,
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