Commit 63d9bbb1 authored by pokergaming's avatar pokergaming
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Fixed segfault due to author's oversight of difference between int and t_int on 64-bit systems

Patch put on tracker for Pd-extended, but I thought I'd go ahead and commit here, too
parent 402cda2a
......@@ -111,7 +111,7 @@ static void permut_resize_table(t_permut *x, int size)
if (x->x_ctl.c_permutationtable)
x->x_ctl.c_permutationtable = (t_int *)malloc(sizeof(int)*size);
x->x_ctl.c_permutationtable = (t_int *)malloc(sizeof(t_int)*size);
x->x_ctl.c_blocksize = size;
/* make sure it's initialized */
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