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intermediary draft of Windows build instructions

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......@@ -94,9 +94,21 @@ pacman -S autoconf automake git libtool \
git clone</code>
6. We need to add a directory for the ASIO SDK. Issue the following command:<code>
mkdir purr-data/pd/lib</code>
7. Download the ASIO SDK [here]( and extract it.
8. Navigate to the place you extracted the directory `asiosdk2.3`. Inside it is another directory named `ASIOSDK2.3`. Copy that inner directory `ASIOSDK2.3` to C:\msys2\home\YOUR-USER-ACCOUNT\purr-data\pd\lib.
9. Issue the following commands:
7. Download the ASIO SDK [here]( and extract it.<code>
8. Now unzip it:<code>
9. And finally move it to the "lib" directory you just created:<code>
mv ASIOSDK2.3 purr-data/pd/lib</code>
10. We need to download the nw.js binary. (Note: for Windows XP, you'll need the 32 bit binary. You can get it from the nw.js website.) Issue the following command:<code>
11. Now unzip it:<code>
12. Now move it into the repo:<code>
mv nwjs-sdk-v0.14.2-win-x64 purr-data/pd/nw/nw</code>
13. Finally, issue the following commands:
cd purr-data/packages/win32_inno
make install</code>
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