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update Windows build instructions

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......@@ -111,43 +111,16 @@ pacman -S autoconf automake git libtool \
mingw-w64-i686-libsndfile mingw-w64-i686-libvorbis \
mingw-w64-i686-lua mingw-w64-i686-toolchain \
rsync unzip wget</code>
4. Type `exit` in the shell and click the `Enter` key
This will close the window.
5. Open the MinGW-w64 Win32 Shell again, as you did in *step 2* above.
6. Download the source code *(3-6 minutes)*
4. Download the source code *(3-6 minutes)*
Issue the following command to create a new directory "purr-data" and clone
the repository to it:<code>
git clone</code>
7. Add the ASIO SDK directory *(less than a minute)*
Issue the following command:<code>
mkdir purr-data/pd/lib</code>
8. Download the ASIO SDK *(2 minutes)*<code>
9. Unzip the ASIO SDK: *(less than a minute)*<code>
10. Move it to the "lib" directory you just created: *(less than a minute)*<code>
mv ASIOSDK2.3 purr-data/pd/lib</code>
11. Download the nw.js binary *(3-6 minutes)*
For Windows XP, download the 32 bit binary:<code>
For Windows Vista, 7, and 10:<code>
12. Unzip nw.js: *(less than a minute)*<code>
13. Now move it into the repo: *(less than a minute)*<code>
mv nwjs-sdk-v0.14.6-win-x64 purr-data/pd/nw/nw</code>
14. Enter the purr-data directory *(less than a minute)*<code>
cd purr-data/packages/win32_inno</code>
15. Download all submodules *(3 minutes)*
Use the following command:<code>
git submodule init && git submodule sync && git submodule update</code>
16. In ~/purr-data/externals/Makefile, go to line 131 and delete the word
17. Finally, build Purr-Data *(45-50 minutes)*<code>
make install</code>
5. Enter the purr-data/l2ork_addons directory *(less than a minute)*<code>
cd purr-data/l2ork_addons</code>
6. Finally, build Purr-Data *(45-50 minutes)*<code>
./ -Z</code>
7. Look in purr-data/packages/win32_inno/Output and click the setup file to
start installing Purr Data to your machine.
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