Commit 8a648422 authored by Jonathan Wilkes's avatar Jonathan Wilkes
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Merge branch 'aggraef/purr-data-saveas-dialog-fix'

parents 76c2a1b7 7a5d5167
......@@ -506,17 +506,24 @@ function gui_canvas_saveas(name, initfile, initdir, close_flag) {
initfile += ".pd";
// This is complicated because of a bug... see build_file_dialog_string
// NOTE ag: The original code had nwworkingdir set to path.join(initdir,
// initfile) which doesn't seem right and in fact does *not* work with the
// latest nw.js on Linux at all (dialog comes up without a path under
// which to save, "Save" doesn't work until you explicitly select one).
// Setting nwsaveas to initfile and nwworkingdir to initdir (as you'd
// expect) works for me on Linux, but it seems that specifying an absolute
// pathname for nwsaveas is necessary on Windows, and this also works on
// Linux. Cf. (which is still
// open at the time of this writing). -ag
input = build_file_dialog_string({
style: "display: none;",
type: "file",
id: "saveDialog",
nwsaveas: initfile,
// For some reason we have to put the file name at the end of
// nwworkingdir path. Otherwise nw.js picks the final subdirectory as
// the suggested file name.
// nwworkingdir is by far the worst part of nw.js API-- if you run
// into a bug then be very suspicious of this code...
nwworkingdir: path.join(initdir, initfile),
// using an absolute path here, see comment above
nwsaveas: path.join(initdir, initfile),
nwworkingdir: initdir,
accept: ".pd"
span.innerHTML = input;
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