Commit bcc832c2 authored by Jonathan Wilkes's avatar Jonathan Wilkes
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continuation of last commit, which got borked for some reason:

updated from pd-l2ork git. Note: this probably includes changes
from later commits
parent e98b6289
...@@ -127,7 +127,10 @@ fi ...@@ -127,7 +127,10 @@ fi
if [ $full -gt 0 -o $deb -gt 0 ] if [ $full -gt 0 -o $deb -gt 0 ]
then then
echo "Pd full installer... IMPORTANT! When run for the first time this step requires internet connection to pull sources from other repositories..." echo "Pd-L2Ork full installer... IMPORTANT! To ensure you have the most up-to-date submodules, this process requires internet connection to pull sources from various repositories..."
# init all submodules (only necessary the first time)
git submodule init
if [ -d .git ]; then if [ -d .git ]; then
# check if Gem submodule is empty, and if so do first init # check if Gem submodule is empty, and if so do first init
...@@ -182,6 +185,7 @@ then ...@@ -182,6 +185,7 @@ then
# then # then
cd l2ork_addons/cwiid/ cd l2ork_addons/cwiid/
# install cwiid # install cwiid
git submodule update
aclocal aclocal
autoconf autoconf
./configure --with-python=python2 ./configure --with-python=python2
...@@ -242,13 +246,13 @@ then ...@@ -242,13 +246,13 @@ then
if [ $full -gt 1 -o $deb -eq 2 ] if [ $full -gt 1 -o $deb -eq 2 ]
then then
make distclean make distclean
cp ../../pd/src/g_all_guis.h ../../externals/build/include cp ../../pd/src/g_all_guis.h ../../externals/build/include
cp ../../pd/src/g_canvas.h ../../externals/build/include cp ../../pd/src/g_canvas.h ../../externals/build/include
cp ../../pd/src/m_imp.h ../../externals/build/include cp ../../pd/src/m_imp.h ../../externals/build/include
cp ../../pd/src/m_pd.h ../../externals/build/include cp ../../pd/src/m_pd.h ../../externals/build/include
cp ../../pd/src/s_stuff.h ../../externals/build/include cp ../../pd/src/s_stuff.h ../../externals/build/include
cp ../../pd/src/t_tk.h ../../externals/build/include cp ../../pd/src/t_tk.h ../../externals/build/include
cp ../../pd/src/g_all_guis.h ../../externals/build/include cp ../../pd/src/g_all_guis.h ../../externals/build/include
rm -rf build/ rm -rf build/
fi fi
if [ $rpi -eq 0 ] if [ $rpi -eq 0 ]
...@@ -264,6 +268,8 @@ cp ../../pd/src/g_all_guis.h ../../externals/build/include ...@@ -264,6 +268,8 @@ cp ../../pd/src/g_all_guis.h ../../externals/build/include
fi fi
make install prefix=$inst_dir make install prefix=$inst_dir
echo "copying pd-l2ork-specific externals..." echo "copying pd-l2ork-specific externals..."
# create images folder
mkdir -p ../../packages/linux_make/build$inst_dir/lib/pd-l2ork/extra/images
# patch_name # patch_name
cd ../../l2ork_addons/patch_name cd ../../l2ork_addons/patch_name
make clean make clean
...@@ -315,6 +321,49 @@ cp ../../pd/src/g_all_guis.h ../../externals/build/include ...@@ -315,6 +321,49 @@ cp ../../pd/src/g_all_guis.h ../../externals/build/include
cp -f disis_spi/disis_spi-help.pd ../../packages/linux_make/build$inst_dir/lib/pd-l2ork/extra cp -f disis_spi/disis_spi-help.pd ../../packages/linux_make/build$inst_dir/lib/pd-l2ork/extra
cd ../ cd ../
#fi #fi
# install rtcmix~ external
cd rtcmix-in-pd/
git submodule update
cd RTcmix*
#make clean
cd ../
make clean
cp -f rtcmix~.pd_linux ../../packages/linux_make/build$inst_dir/lib/pd-l2ork/extra
cp -f rtcmix~-help.pd ../../packages/linux_make/build$inst_dir/lib/pd-l2ork/extra
cp -rf lib ../../packages/linux_make/build$inst_dir/lib/pd-l2ork/extra
cp -rf scores ../../packages/linux_make/build$inst_dir/lib/pd-l2ork/extra
cd ../
# install autotune~ plugin
cd autotune/
cp -f autotune~.pd_linux ../../packages/linux_make/build$inst_dir/lib/pd-l2ork/extra
cp -f autotune~-help.pd ../../packages/linux_make/build$inst_dir/lib/pd-l2ork/extra
cp -f autotune_scale_warp.png ../../packages/linux_make/build$inst_dir/lib/pd-l2ork/extra/images
cd ../
# install lyonpotpourri
cd lyonpotpourri/
git submodule update
mkdir -p ../../packages/linux_make/build$inst_dir/lib/pd-l2ork/extra/lyon
# do not include cartopol and poltocar since cyclone library already has those
cp `ls *.pd_linux | egrep -v '^cartopol*' | egrep -v '^poltocar*'` ../../packages/linux_make/build$inst_dir/lib/pd-l2ork/extra/lyon/
cp `ls *.pd | egrep -v '^cartopol*' | egrep -v '^poltocar*'` ../../packages/linux_make/build$inst_dir/lib/pd-l2ork/extra/lyon/
cp -rf sound ../../packages/linux_make/build$inst_dir/lib/pd-l2ork/extra/lyon/
cp -rf lib*.so ../../packages/linux_make/build$inst_dir/lib/pd-l2ork/extra/lyon/
cd ../
# install fftease
cd fftease*
cp *pd_linux ../../packages/linux_make/build$inst_dir/lib/pd-l2ork/extra/lyon/
cp -rf lib*.so ../../packages/linux_make/build$inst_dir/lib/pd-l2ork/extra/lyon/
cd fftease32-helpfiles/
cp *pd ../../../packages/linux_make/build$inst_dir/lib/pd-l2ork/extra/lyon/
cp -rf sound/* ../../../packages/linux_make/build$inst_dir/lib/pd-l2ork/extra/lyon/sound/
cd ../../
echo "done with l2ork addons."
cd ../ cd ../
if [ $pkg -gt 0 ]; then if [ $pkg -gt 0 ]; then
# finish install # finish install
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