Commit c1cced63 authored by Albert Gräf's avatar Albert Gräf
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Only regenerate s_stuff.h when needed, to avoid unneeded recompiles.

parent 4aacc65c
......@@ -377,8 +377,9 @@ doc_format:
# from the latter by substituting PD_BUILD_VERSION.
git_version: $(pd_src)/src/
cd $(pd_src)/src/ && \
sed 's|^\(#define PD_BUILD_VERSION "\).*"|\1$(PD_BUILD_VERSION)"|' > s_stuff.h
@cd $(pd_src)/src/ && \
sed 's|^\(#define PD_BUILD_VERSION "\).*"|\1$(PD_BUILD_VERSION)"|' > && \
(test -f s_stuff.h && diff -q s_stuff.h > /dev/null && rm -f && echo s_stuff.h unchanged || (rm -f s_stuff.h && mv s_stuff.h))
# change Pd's version number to reflect the extended build
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