Commit cab5f9ec authored by Jonathan Wilkes's avatar Jonathan Wilkes
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port from pd-l2ork git: cec11bb6d99641ecc803ca5c6eafeec80e82e3e6

*fixed a bug/regression reported by Liam Goodacre regarding label inside GOP when it exists frame and needs to reapper (due to script-based repositioning) would crash pd-l2ork. See for more info.
parent 5982aaab
......@@ -433,8 +433,12 @@ void iemgui_shouldvis(t_iemgui *x, int mode)
to ensure that ordering is honored */
t_canvas *canvas = glist_getcanvas(x->x_glist);
t_gobj *y = (t_gobj *)x->x_glist;
gobj_vis(y, canvas, 0);
gobj_vis(y, canvas, 1);
// this crashes when the label goes invisible and then
// needs to be made visible again, so for the time being
// we use the brute force redraw below for both the
// vis/unvis-ing of the object and its reordering
//gobj_vis(y, canvas, 0);
//gobj_vis(y, canvas, 1);
// reorder it visually
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