Commit db5c0b43 authored by Jonathan Wilkes's avatar Jonathan Wilkes
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ported: "*typo fix for the rjlib installer"

from pd-l2ork: 1e654625d71b6c0efae614cfa428e8cfae6e9b1e
parent dd5ac2e7
......@@ -303,7 +303,7 @@ cp ../../pd/src/g_all_guis.h ../../externals/build/include
# return to l2ork_addons folder
cd ../../
# copy rjlib into the extra folder
cp -rf rjlib ../../packages/linux_make/build$inst_dir/lib/pd-l2ork/extra
cp -rf rjlib ../packages/linux_make/build$inst_dir/lib/pd-l2ork/extra
# install raspberry pi externals (if applicable)
#if [ $rpi -eq 1 ]
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