Commit 006517e3 authored by Jonathan Wilkes's avatar Jonathan Wilkes
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remove some commented code, unused vars

parent 141d911c
......@@ -811,18 +811,6 @@ void scalar_doconfigure(t_gobj *xgobj, t_glist *owner)
(int)glist_xtopixels(owner, basex),
(int)glist_ytopixels(owner, basey));
char groupbuf[MAXPDSTRING];
// Quick hack to make gui_scalar_draw_group more general (so we
// don't have to tack on "gobj" manually)
//Not sure if we need this here...
//sprintf(tagbuf, "scalar%lxgobj", (long unsigned int)x->sc_vec);
//sprintf(groupbuf, "dgroup%lx.%lx", (long unsigned int)templatecanvas,
// (long unsigned int)x->sc_vec);
//gui_vmess("gui_scalar_draw_group", "xss",
// glist_getcanvas(owner), groupbuf, tagbuf);
for (y = templatecanvas->gl_list; y; y = y->g_next)
t_parentwidgetbehavior *wb = pd_getparentwidget(&y->g_pd);
......@@ -937,8 +925,8 @@ static void scalar_vis(t_gobj *z, t_glist *owner, int vis)
if (vis)
int x1 = glist_xtopixels(owner, basex);
int y1 = glist_ytopixels(owner, basey);
//int x1 = glist_xtopixels(owner, basex);
//int y1 = glist_ytopixels(owner, basey);
/* Let's just not create anything to visualize scalars that
don't have a template. Pd Vanilla draws a single pixel to
represent them, so later we might want to do a simple
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