Commit 0a9dd6d3 authored by Jonathan Wilkes's avatar Jonathan Wilkes
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fix bug where [event] didn't work in subpatches

parent 04001e44
...@@ -4442,7 +4442,7 @@ static void *event_new(void) ...@@ -4442,7 +4442,7 @@ static void *event_new(void)
{ {
char namebuf[20]; char namebuf[20];
t_event *x = (t_event *)pd_new(event_class); t_event *x = (t_event *)pd_new(event_class);
t_canvas *c = canvas_getcurrent(); t_canvas *c = canvas_getrootfor(canvas_getcurrent());
if (c->gl_vec) if (c->gl_vec)
{ {
sprintf(namebuf, "%lx_event", (long unsigned int)c->gl_vec); sprintf(namebuf, "%lx_event", (long unsigned int)c->gl_vec);
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