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don't send message from Pd->GUI to raise patch cords

parent 7b7b6c4f
......@@ -122,7 +122,11 @@ int gobj_filter_highlight_behavior(t_text *y)
/* ---------------- mathieu 2014.08 --------------------------------- */
void canvas_raise_all_cords (t_canvas *x) {
sys_vgui(".x%lx.c raise all_cords\n", x);
/* I think this is deprecated... instead of raising cords, we
just insert all gobjs (and scalars) before the first patch
cord. This way we don't have to constantly raise all the
patch cords above everything else. */
//sys_vgui(".x%lx.c raise all_cords\n", x);
static void canvas_enteritem (t_canvas *x, int xpos, int ypos, const char *tag) {
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