Commit 2d38bd4c authored by Ivica Ico Bukvic's avatar Ivica Ico Bukvic
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further improved robustness of the glob_quit destructor

parent 213bc9ae
......@@ -1315,6 +1315,8 @@ void sys_bail(int n)
//extern t_pd *garray_floattemplatecanvas;
extern void glob_closeall(void *dummy, t_floatarg fforce);
extern int do_not_redraw;
void glob_quit(void *dummy)
//If we're going to try to cleanly close everything here, we should do the same for all open
......@@ -1325,6 +1327,7 @@ void glob_quit(void *dummy)
//if (garray_arraytemplatecanvas) canvas_free( (t_canvas *)garray_arraytemplatecanvas);
//if (garray_floattemplatecanvas) canvas_free( (t_canvas *)garray_floattemplatecanvas);
do_not_redraw = 1;
glob_closeall(0, 1);
if (!sys_nogui)
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