Commit 3552c248 authored by Jonathan Wilkes's avatar Jonathan Wilkes
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remove unused functions that were copy-pasted from the font dialog

parent 7722303f
......@@ -106,8 +106,13 @@ function register_window_id(gfxstub, text_string) {
// We request the text data only after we're certain our window
// has loaded. Otherwise the node.js context might try to populate
// the textarea before the window has actually loaded.
// This doesn't happen in Pd Vanilla because tcl/tk synchronously
// creates the window.
pdgui.pdsend(gfxstub, "map");
// populate_form(text_string); // Fill the form we created with the actual data
// We don't turn on rendering of the "container" div until
// We've finished displaying all the spans and populating the
......@@ -132,14 +137,6 @@ function translate_form() {
function get_attr(name, attrs) {
return attrs[attrs.indexOf(name) + 1];
function get_elem(name) {
return document.getElementById(name);
function close_window() {
pdgui.pdsend(pd_object_callback, "close");
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