Commit 4e391f5e authored by Jonathan Wilkes's avatar Jonathan Wilkes
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bugfix for out-of-order messages arriving to gui_configure_grid

parent 3da0ece7
......@@ -3615,10 +3615,18 @@ function get_grid_data(w, h, x_l, y_l) {
function gui_configure_grid(cid, tag, w, h, bg_color, has_grid, x_l, y_l) {
var g = get_gobj(cid, tag),
// configure each element in the grid
var g,
point_size = 5;
// Quick bugfix for messages that arrive to the GUI before the
// window is mapped. This can happen when the user connects
// [loadbang] to a [grid] method that changes visual display (like "color")
// We need a way to prevent sending such messages
if (!patchwin[cid]) {
g = get_gobj(cid, tag);
// configure each element in the grid
configure_item(g.querySelector(".bg"), {
width: w,
height: h,
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