Commit 6249c874 authored by Jonathan Wilkes's avatar Jonathan Wilkes
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fix regression with gui_undo_menu calling non-existant window

parent 80b89c52
......@@ -3126,8 +3126,11 @@ function gui_textarea(cid, tag, type, x, y, max_char_width, text,
function gui_undo_menu(cid, undo_text, redo_text) {
// we have to check if the window exists, because Pd starts
// up with two unvis'd patch windows used for garrays
if (cid !== "nobody" && patchwin[cid] !== undefined) {
// up with two unvis'd patch windows used for garrays. Plus
// there may be some calls to subpatches after updating a dialog
// (like turning on GOP) which call this for a canvas that has
// been destroyed.
if (cid !== "nobody" && patchwin[cid]) {
patchwin[cid].window.nw_undo_menu(undo_text, redo_text);
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