Commit 7a624700 authored by Jonathan Wilkes's avatar Jonathan Wilkes
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small fixes to menu item name, and removing a sys_gui call

parent aae52e18
......@@ -200,8 +200,8 @@
"prevwin_tt": "Give focus to the previous window in the stacking order",
"parentwin": "Parent Window",
"parentwin_tt": "give focus to the parent window of the current window",
"visible_parentwin": "Visible Parent Window",
"visible_parentwin_tt": "give focus to the closest ancestor of this window that is visible",
"visible_ancestor": "Closest Visible Ancestor",
"visible_ancestor_tt": "give focus to the closest ancestor of this window that is currently visible",
"pdwin": "Pd Window",
"pdwin_tt": "Give focus to the main Pd window",
......@@ -1245,11 +1245,11 @@ function nw_create_patch_window_menus(name) {
winmanMenu.append(new gui.MenuItem({
label: l("menu.visible_parentwin"),
label: l("menu.visible_ancestor"),
click: function() {
pdgui.pdsend(name, "findparent", 1);
tooltip: l("menu.visible_parentwin_tt"),
tooltip: l("menu.visible_ancestor_tt"),
winmanMenu.append(new gui.MenuItem({
......@@ -2896,11 +2896,11 @@ function gui_raise_window(cid) {
function raise_pd_window() {
function gui_raise_pd_window() {
exports.raise_pd_window= raise_pd_window;
exports.raise_pd_window= gui_raise_pd_window;
// Openpanel and Savepanel
......@@ -5766,7 +5766,8 @@ static void canvas_find_parent(t_canvas *x, t_floatarg f)
gui_vmess("gui_raise_pd_window", "");
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