Commit 80f458ad authored by Jonathan Wilkes's avatar Jonathan Wilkes
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Merge branch 'aggraef/purr-data-fix-osx-startup'

parents f173818f 60c4d642
......@@ -3,9 +3,15 @@ var gui = require("nw.gui");
var pdgui = require("./pdgui.js");
var pd_menus = require("./pd_menus.js");
// we're using pwd in fileDialog. If you start Pd by clicking the app bundle
// in OSX, the PWD environment variable doesn't exist. In that case we use
// HOME instead.
// We're using the following pwd variable as the default dir in which various
// file dialogs open, so we need to initialize it in some way. The following
// provides a reasonable default (use the PWD if it's available, otherwise
// fall back to HOME, or HOMEPATH on Windows). This will be updated later by
// the engine through pdgui.gui_set_cwd() once the engine has completed its
// startup.
// If you start Pd by clicking the app bundle in OSX, the PWD environment
// variable doesn't exist. In that case we use HOME instead.
var pwd = process.env.PWD !== undefined ? process.env.PWD : process.env.HOME;
// Windows doesn't have either of the environment variables above, so we
......@@ -35,7 +41,7 @@ function set_vars(win) {
pd_engine_id = gui.App.argv[4];
} else {
// If we're starting Pd, this is the first port number to try. (We'll
// increment it if that port happens to be taken.
// increment it if that port happens to be taken.)
port_no = 5400;
......@@ -89,8 +95,7 @@ function connect() {
} else {
// create a tcp server, then spawn Pd with "-guiport" flag and port
gui_path = window.location.pathname;
gui_path = gui_path.substr(0, gui_path.lastIndexOf('/'));
gui_path = process.cwd();
// On OSX, if the user double-clicks a pd file we get a single
// argument prefixed with "file://". If so, we parse it and
// feed it to the Pd instance as an argument to the "-open" flag
......@@ -283,7 +288,7 @@ function add_events() {
// Selecting multiple files and clicking "Open" will trigger
// a separate "open" event for each file, so luckily we don't
// have to parse them.
} else {
// Otherwise we assume that the Pd process tried to
// open the GUI, supplying us with a port number and
......@@ -1095,19 +1095,9 @@ function external_doc_open(url) {
exports.external_doc_open = external_doc_open;
function gui_set_cwd(dummy, cwd) {
// The check for "darwin" is a quick workaround for getting
// the OSX App bundle to start the pwd in the user's working directory
// instead of deep inside the App bundle itself. However, this may
// become a problem when people try to install Purr Data "Linux"-style,
// that is, install it system-wide from the command line instead of
// in an App bundle.
// Also, there is a general problem that we're setting the pwd from
// two different places-- index.js in set_vars() and s_inter.c with
// this call. That's unnecessarily complex and hard to follow. It
// should be simplified
if (cwd !== "." && process.platform !== "darwin") {
if (cwd !== ".") {
pwd = cwd;
post("working directory is " + cwd);
......@@ -1442,7 +1432,7 @@ function spawn_pd(gui_path, port, file_to_open) {
if (platform === "darwin") {
// OSX -- this is currently tailored to work with an app bundle. It
// hasn't been tested with a system install of pd-l2ork
pd_binary = path.join("bin", "pd-l2ork");
pd_binary = path.join(gui_path, "bin", "pd-l2ork");
if (file_to_open) {
flags.push("-open", file_to_open);
......@@ -1451,6 +1441,13 @@ function spawn_pd(gui_path, port, file_to_open) {
flags.push("-nrt"); // for some reason realtime causes watchdog to die
post("binary is " + pd_binary);
// AG: It isn't nice that we change the cwd halfway through the startup
// here, but since the GUI launches the engine if we come here (that's how
// it works on the Mac), we *really* want to launch the engine in the
// user's home directory and not in some random subdir of the OSX app
// bundle. Note that to make that work, the pd-l2ork executable needs to
// be invoked using an absolute path (see above).
var child = cp.spawn(pd_binary, flags, {
stdio: "inherit",
detached: true
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