Commit 8d7e9ae4 authored by Jonathan Wilkes's avatar Jonathan Wilkes
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fix jwilkes/purr-data#6 by listening for a "paste" event inside boxes being...

fix jwilkes/purr-data#6 by listening for a "paste" event inside boxes being edited, and fetching only text from the clipboard
(need to investigate to make sure it works for drag/drop as well)
parent e27c50b2
......@@ -409,6 +409,12 @@ var canvas_events = (function() {
return false;
text_paste: function(evt) {"text_paste detected...");
document.execCommand("insertText", false,
floating_text_click: function(evt) {
if (target_is_scrollbar(evt)) {
......@@ -733,6 +739,7 @@ var canvas_events = (function() {
document.addEventListener("keydown", events.text_keydown, false);
document.addEventListener("keypress", events.text_keypress, false);
document.addEventListener("keyup", events.text_keyup, false);
document.addEventListener("paste", events.text_paste, false);
document.addEventListener("mousedown", events.text_mousedown, false);
document.addEventListener("mouseup", events.text_mouseup, false);
state = "text";
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