Commit 913ad71e authored by Albert Gräf's avatar Albert Gräf
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Fix a gop-related update issue (#401).

parent 6b3ae079
......@@ -2813,8 +2813,14 @@ function gui_radio_button_coords(cid, tag, x1, y1, xi, yi, i, s, d, orient) {
function gui_radio_update(cid, tag, fgcolor, prev, next) {
// Make sure that we aren't invoked before the patchwin exists.
if (!patchwin[cid]) { return; }
var prev = get_item(cid, tag + "button_" + prev),
next = get_item(cid, tag + "button_" + next);
// There seems to be a race condition here so that in some rare
// circumstances related to gop areas prev/next may not be set yet. Bail
// out in that case. This resolves issue #401. -ag
if (!prev || !next) { return; }
configure_item(prev, { display: "none" });
configure_item(next, {
display: "inline",
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