Commit 9496bbc9 authored by Ivica Bukvic's avatar Ivica Bukvic
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removed debug output

parent 178f48bd
......@@ -1372,7 +1372,7 @@ static void text_vis(t_gobj *z, t_glist *glist, int vis)
//if we are in k12 mode and this is hub with level 1 (global) don't draw it and make its width/height 0
int exception = 0;
if (pd_class(&x->te_pd) == preset_hub_class && sys_k12_mode) {
fprintf(stderr,"text_vis reports preset_hub_class detected\n");
//fprintf(stderr,"text_vis reports preset_hub_class detected\n");
t_preset_hub *h = (t_preset_hub *)z;
if (h->ph_invis) {
exception = 1;
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