Commit c39b138e authored by Jonathan Wilkes's avatar Jonathan Wilkes
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keep zfactor for lts nw.js version which gets used for Windows

parent 64bbcfa2
......@@ -3345,7 +3345,8 @@ exports.add_popup = add_popup;
// Kludge to get popup coords to fit the browser's zoom level. As of v0.16.1
// it appears nw.js fixed the bug that required this kludge. Leave it here
// for a few versions as a quick fix just in case there's a regression.
// for now because we're using lts v0.14 for the Windows binaries because
// Windows XP support will be dropped after that.
function zoom_kludge(zoom_level) {
var zfactor;
switch(zoom_level) {
......@@ -3374,11 +3375,13 @@ function gui_canvas_popup(cid, xpos, ypos, canprop, canopen, isobject) {
var win_left = patchwin[cid].window.document.body.scrollLeft,
win_top = patchwin[cid].window.document.body.scrollTop,
zoom_level = patchwin[cid].zoomLevel, // these were used to work
zfactor = zoom_kludge(zoom_level), // around an old nw.js popup pos
// bug. It seems to be fixed now.
zfactor, // around an old nw.js popup pos
// bug. Now it's only necessary
// on Windows, which uses v.0.14
svg_view_box = patchwin[cid].window.document.getElementById("patchsvg")
.getAttribute("viewBox").split(" "); // need top-left svg origin
zfactor = process.platform === "win32" ? zoom_kludge(zoom_level) : 1;
// Set the global popup x/y so they can be retrieved by the relevant
// document's event handler
popup_coords[0] = xpos;
......@@ -3394,16 +3397,16 @@ function gui_canvas_popup(cid, xpos, ypos, canprop, canopen, isobject) {
// We need to round win_left and win_top because the popup menu
// interface expects an int. Otherwise the popup position gets wonky
// when you zoom and scroll...
xpos = xpos - Math.floor(win_left);
ypos = ypos - Math.floor(win_top);
xpos = Math.floor(xpos * zfactor) - Math.floor(win_left * zfactor);
ypos = Math.floor(ypos * zfactor) - Math.floor(win_top * zfactor);
// Now subtract the x and y offset for the top left corner of the svg.
// We need to do this because a Pd canvas can have objects with negative
// coordinates. Thus the SVG viewbox will have negative values for the
// top left corner, and those must be subtracted from xpos/ypos to get
// the proper window coordinates.
xpos -= svg_view_box[0];
ypos -= svg_view_box[1];
xpos -= Math.floor(svg_view_box[0] * zfactor);
ypos -= Math.floor(svg_view_box[1] * zfactor);
popup_coords[2] = xpos + patchwin[cid].x;
popup_coords[3] = ypos + patchwin[cid].y;
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