Commit c5803cf2 authored by Jonathan Wilkes's avatar Jonathan Wilkes
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Merge branch 'fix-preset-node'

parents ab84354e 9c53c8fe
......@@ -2123,12 +2123,20 @@ function gui_canvas_update_line(cid, tag, x1, y1, x2, y2, yoff) {
var halfx = parseInt((x2 - x1)/2),
halfy = parseInt((y2 - y1)/2),
cord = get_item(cid, tag),
// see comment in gui_canvas_line about xoff
xoff= cord.classList.contains("signal") ? 0: 0.5,
xoff, // see comment in gui_canvas_line about xoff
// We have to check for existence here for the special case of
// preset_node which hides a wire that feeds back from the downstream
// object to its inlet. Pd refrains from drawing this hidden wire at all.
// It should also suppress a call here to update that line, but it
// currently doesn't. So we check for existence.
if (cord) {
xoff = cord.classList.contains("signal") ? 0: 0.5;
d_array = ["M",x1+xoff,y1+xoff,
configure_item(cord, { d: d_array.join(" ") });
function text_line_height_kludge(fontsize, fontsize_type) {
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