Commit cdba674f authored by Jonathan Wilkes's avatar Jonathan Wilkes
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put rtcmix subdirs inside extra/rtcmix instead of in extra itself

parent 065bc090
......@@ -1627,11 +1627,13 @@ rtcmix:
install -d $(DESTDIR)$(objectsdir)/rtcmix
install -p $(externals_src)/rtcmix-in-pd/rtcmix~.$(EXTENSION) \
install -p $(externals_src)/rtcmix-in-pd/rtcmix~-help.pd \
cp -rf $(externals_src)/rtcmix-in-pd/lib $(DESTDIR)/$(objectsdir)
cp -rf $(externals_src)/rtcmix-in-pd/scores $(DESTDIR)/$(objectsdir)
cp -rf $(externals_src)/rtcmix-in-pd/lib \
cp -rf $(externals_src)/rtcmix-in-pd/scores \
make -C $(externals_src)/rtcmix-in-pd clean
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