Commit da4a7d90 authored by Jonathan Wilkes's avatar Jonathan Wilkes
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removed old debugging messages, left comment about pdtk call that was never ported

parent cf7321ca
......@@ -341,14 +341,12 @@ static char *pddplink_optext(int *sizep, int ac, t_atom *av)
static void pddplink_free(t_pddplink *x)
//post("freeing the thing...");
if (x->x_vistext)
freebytes(x->x_vistext, x->x_vissize);
static void *pddplink_new(t_symbol *s, int ac, t_atom *av)
//post("creating a new link");
t_pddplink xgen, *x;
int skip;
xgen.x_isboxed = 0;
......@@ -1548,7 +1548,10 @@ static void garray_doredraw(t_gobj *client, t_glist *glist)
if (selected)
//fprintf(stderr,"garray_doredraw isselected\n");
/* I haven't found a case where this is actually needed...
perhaps with nested GOPs or something? Anyhow if there's
a regression this commented-out call might be a place
to investigate... */
//sys_vgui("pdtk_select_all_gop_widgets .x%lx %lx %d\n",
// glist_getcanvas(glist), glist, 1);
// a giant kludge-- we really just need gop items
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