Commit eb386347 authored by Jonathan Wilkes's avatar Jonathan Wilkes
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clarify debug levels in the -h output

parent 6249c874
......@@ -435,8 +435,12 @@ static char *(usagemessage[]) = {
"-font-weight <name>-- specify default font weight (normal or bold)\n",
"-verbose -- extra printout on startup and when searching for files\n",
"-version -- don't run Pd; just print out which version it is \n",
"-d <n> -- specify debug type: 1=out, 2=in, 4=linenumbers\n",
" (combine by adding. e.g. -d 5 is -d 1 and -d 4)\n",
"-d <n> -- specify debug type:\n",
" 1=Pd->GUI\n",
" 2=GUI->Pd\n",
" 3=Pd->GUI and GUI->Pd\n",
" 5=Pd->GUI with Pd linenumbers\n",
" 7=Pd->GUI and GUI->Pd with Pd linenumbers\n",
"-noloadbang -- suppress all loadbangs\n",
"-stderr -- send printout to standard error instead of GUI\n",
"-nogui -- suppress starting the GUI\n",
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