Commit ecf1dbc7 authored by Jonathan Wilkes's avatar Jonathan Wilkes
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for OSX, don't split argv_string so we can accommodate file paths with spaces in them

parent be503461
......@@ -263,23 +263,27 @@ function add_events() {
nw.App.on("open", function(argv_string) {
var port,
argv = argv_string.split(" ");
if (argv.length) {
if (argv.length === 1) {
if (argv_string.slice(0, 7) === "file://") {
// Clicking on a Pd file with an installed OSX app bundle sends
// a single argument which is a file:// URI.
// With the OSX app bundle it is the GUI which starts the
// Pd process. So in this case, we just need to parse the
// file and open it.
if (argv.slice(0, 7) === "file://") {
} else {
// Selecting multiple files and clicking "Open" will trigger
// a separate "open" event for each file, so luckily we don't
// have to parse them.
} else {
// Otherwise we assume that the Pd process tried to
// open the GUI, supplying us with a port number and
// an instance id. In this case, we need to create a
// socket connection and fetch the file-list...
argv = argv_string.split(" ");
port = +argv.slice(-5, -4);
pd_engine_id = argv.slice(-1);
pdgui.connect_as_client_to_secondary_instance("localhost", port,
// Browser Window Close
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