Commit f62125fd authored by Jonathan Wilkes's avatar Jonathan Wilkes
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Merge branch 'aggraef/purr-data-mac-default-prefs-fix'

parents 590c9af0 656f9aac
......@@ -280,6 +280,39 @@ static void sys_initloadpreferences(void)
FILE *fp;
size_t sz, n = 0;
int res;
char default_prefs[FILENAME_MAX]; // default prefs embedded in the package
char embedded_prefs[FILENAME_MAX]; // overrides others for standalone app
char embedded_prefs_file[FILENAME_MAX];
char user_prefs_file[FILENAME_MAX];
const char *prefs, *homedir = getenv("HOME");
struct stat statbuf;
// On the Mac, we first look for an embedded prefs file, then for a user
// prefs file, and fall back to the defaults in the package if none of
// these exist. Note that Pd-l2ork can't create standalone apps à la
// Pd-extended right now, but we might want to support them in the future,
// so we handle the embedded prefs case anyway.
snprintf(default_prefs, FILENAME_MAX,
snprintf(embedded_prefs, FILENAME_MAX,
snprintf(embedded_prefs_file, FILENAME_MAX, "%s.plist", embedded_prefs);
snprintf(user_prefs_file, FILENAME_MAX,
"%s/Library/Preferences/org.puredata.pd-l2ork.plist", homedir);
if (stat(embedded_prefs_file, &statbuf) == 0) {
// Read from and write to the embedded prefs (standalone app).
prefs = embedded_prefs;
strncpy(current_prefs, embedded_prefs, FILENAME_MAX);
} else if (stat(user_prefs_file, &statbuf) == 0) {
// Read from and write to the user prefs.
prefs = current_prefs;
strcpy(current_prefs, "org.puredata.pd-l2ork");
} else {
// Read from the package defaults and write to the user prefs.
prefs = default_prefs;
strcpy(current_prefs, "org.puredata.pd-l2ork");
// This looks complicated, but is rather straightforward. The individual
// stages of the pipe are:
// 1. defaults export: grab our defaults in XML format
......@@ -293,7 +326,7 @@ static void sys_initloadpreferences(void)
// "loadlib1" : "libdir", loadlib1: libdir
// "path1" : "\/System\/Library\/Fonts" path1: /System/Library/Fonts
// }
snprintf(cmdbuf, MAXPDSTRING, "defaults export %s - | plutil -convert json -r -o - - | sed -E -e 's/[{}]//g' -e 's/^ *\"(([^\"]|\\\\.)*)\" *: *\"(([^\"]|\\\\.)*)\".*/\\1: \\3/' -e 's/\\\\(.)/\\1/g'", current_prefs);
snprintf(cmdbuf, MAXPDSTRING, "defaults export %s - | plutil -convert json -r -o - - | sed -E -e 's/[{}]//g' -e 's/^ *\"(([^\"]|\\\\.)*)\" *: *\"(([^\"]|\\\\.)*)\".*/\\1: \\3/' -e 's/\\\\(.)/\\1/g'", prefs);
// open the pipe
fp = popen(cmdbuf, "r");
if (!fp) {
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