Commit fc300bad authored by Ivica Bukvic's avatar Ivica Bukvic
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*refined appearance of the startup->new window appearance

parent 8a2db1e2
......@@ -7693,14 +7693,14 @@ namespace eval dlg_Startup {
wm geom .inputBox "450x30"
after idle { center_window .inputBox 10 50 }
button .inputBox.cmdOK -text "OK" -command { destroy .inputBox }
match_linux_wm [list button .inputBox.cmdOK -text "OK" -command { destroy .inputBox } ]
entry .inputBox.txtInput -width 50 -textvariable cmd
match_linux_wm [list entry .inputBox.txtInput -width 50 -textvariable cmd ]
pdtk_standardkeybindings .inputBox.txtInput
bind .inputBox.txtInput <KeyPress-Return> { destroy .inputBox }
bind .inputBox.txtInput <KeyPress-Escape> { destroy .inputBox }
pack .inputBox.txtInput -side left -expand 1 -fill x -padx 2m
pack .inputBox.cmdOK -side left
pack .inputBox.txtInput -side left -expand 1 -fill x -padx 3 -pady 3
pack .inputBox.cmdOK -side left -padx 3 -pady 3
focus .inputBox.txtInput
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