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first draft of windows msys2 build instructions

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......@@ -66,6 +66,9 @@ Pd-L2ork has the following goals:
### Installation Guide
#### Linux
To install using a pre-compiled binary, follow these instructions:
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Then follow the steps outlined here:
#### Windows 32-bit Using msys2
1. Download and install [msys2]( Note that there are two installers-- one for 32-bit Windows systems (i386) and one for 64-bit Windows (x_64). Make sure you know which [version]( of Windows you are running and download the appropriate installer.
2. msys2 adds Start Menu items for 3 different "flavors" of shell: MinGW-w64 Win32 Shell, MinGW-w64 Win64 Shell, and MSYS Shell. Click the menu item for MinGW-w64 Win32 Shell.
3. Once the shell opens, we need to install the dependencies for building Purr Data. Issue the following command:
<code>pacman -S mingw-w64-i686-toolchain mingw-64-i686-fftw mingw-64-i686-libvorbis mingw-w64-i686-ladspa-sdk mingw-w64-i686-dlfcn mingw-w64-i686-lame git make autoconf automake libtool mingw-w64-i686-libsndfile mingw-w64-i686-lua</code>
You'll be asked if you want to install all packages. Not all are needed, but if you have ~600mB of space it's easiest to just install them all.
4. Type `exit` in the shell and click the `Enter` key to close it, then reopen it from the menu.
5. Download the repository by issuing this command:
<code>git clone</code>
This will clone the repository into the directory "purr-data"
6. We need to add a directory for the ASIO SDK. Issue the following command:
<code>mkdir purr-data/pd/lib</code>
6. Download the ASIO SDK [here]( and extract it.
7. Navigate to the place you extracted the directory `asiosdk2.3`. Inside it is another directory named `ASIOSDK2.3`. Copy that inner directory `ASIOSDK2.3` to C:\msys2\home\YOUR-USER-ACCOUNT\purr-data\pd\lib.
8. Issue the following commands:
<code>cd purr-data/packages/win32_inno
make install</code>
two remaining issues:
zexy - rawprint struct (line 20) already defined when using msys2
flext - doesn't compile so you have to remove externals/Makefile reference to it (in the big list of externals)
### Contributor Guide
Contributing is easy:
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