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* [Goals](#goals)
* [Installation Guide](#installation-guide)
* [Contributor Guide](#contributor-guide)
* [Human Interface Guidelines](#hig)
* [Core Pd Notes](#core-pd-notes)
* [GUI Message Spec](#gui-messaging-specification)
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recent link...):
### Human Interface Guidelines
#### General Look and Feel
Pd is a multi-window application that consists of three parts:
1. A main window, called the "Pd Window" or "Console Window". This window
displays informational and error messages for Pd programs.
2. One or more "canvas" windows-- aka "patch" windows, used to display the
diagrams that make up a Pd program.
3. One or more dialog windows used to configure the various parts of Pd.
All should look simple and uncluttered. Although "canvas" windows cannot
(yet) be traversed and edited using only the keyboard, all three parts of Pd
should be designed so that they can be manipulated using only the keyboard.
### Hooks for new users
It should also be possible to produce sound and interact when a new user runs
program for the very first time. In every release, there should be a link at
the bottom of the Console Window to a short game written in Pd that demonstrates
one or more of the capabilities of the Pd environment. The game should be
designed to be fun outside of its efficacy as a demonstration of Pd.
#### Fonts
Pd ships with "DejaVu Sans Mono", which is used for the text in canvas windows.
Fonts are sized to fit the hard-coded constraints in Pd Vanilla. This way box
sizes will match as closely as possible across distributions and OSes.
These hard-coded sizes are maximum character widths and heights. No font
fits these maximums exactly, so it's currently impossible to tell when looking
at a Pd canvas whether the objects will collide on a system using a different
font (or even a different font-rendering engine).
Dialogs and console button labels may use variable-width fonts. There is not
yet a suggested default to use for these.
The console printout area currently uses "DejaVu Sans Mono". Errors are printed
as a link so that the user can click them to highlight the corresponded canvas
or object that triggered the error.
#### Colors
Nothing set in stone yet.
### Core Pd Notes
The following is adapted from Pd Vanilla's original source notes. (Found
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