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Add a comment about the new toplevel Makefile to the build instructions.

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......@@ -87,6 +87,15 @@ from the following site:
### Build Guide
**NOTE:** The instructions below talk about running the `` build
script, which is still the recommended way to build Purr Data right now.
However, Purr Data also has a new (and experimental) toplevel Makefile so that
just typing `make` will build the package. You may find this easier. The
Makefile also offers the customary targets to clean (`make clean`, or
`make realclean` to put the sources in pristine state again) and to roll a
self-contained distribution tarball (`make dist`). Please check the comments
at the beginning of the Makefile for more information.
#### Linux
Time to build: *40 minutes to 1.5 hours*
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