1. 22 Mar, 2014 1 commit
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      *Jonathan Wilkes' 2 patches addressing: · 63df5d82
      Ivica Bukvic authored
      - nested plots display properly
      - plot is vis'd and unvis'd properly when deleting plot or struct
      - commented out ugly plot_displace hack-- multiple plots should work just fine
      - separated out garray dependencies into class "old_plot".  This way the changes I made don't affect garrays.  _Very_ ugly hack, but it was pretty simple to implement and will be easy to remove later.
      - no crashes when non-existent arrays are entered into a [struct] that has scalars hanging around
      - template_cancreate ported from 0.45
      - added a function to get the offending struct (to use with "Find last error").  Not using it yet, though.
      + For creating scalars using an object box:
      - scalar must have initial "float x float y" fields, in that order.  This means you can't accidentally type the name of the hidden garray structs and create a scalar.  (Nor any other structs that only have a "y" field, etc.)
      - broken object box returned if the struct has a bogus array template.  (Although currently I'm just refusing to create such a struct.)
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