Unverified Commit 1572d1d0 authored by Sam Thursfield's avatar Sam Thursfield Committed by GitHub

Merge pull request #20 from flathub/sam/update-appstream-metadata

Update metainfo.xml file
parents 1c016731 ccf850e1
......@@ -53,6 +53,8 @@
<url type="bugtracker">https://git.purrdata.net/jwilkes/purr-data/issues</url>
<content_rating type="oars-1.1" />
<release version="2.12.0" date="2020-07-17" />
<release version="2.11.0" date="2020-05-31" />
<release version="2.10.1" date="2020-03-11" />
<release version="2.10.0" date="2019-10-02" />
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