Commit 6c152280 authored by Sam Thursfield's avatar Sam Thursfield

Fix build parallelism in 'pd-externals' module

I made a mistake in commit 4f95916a which caused the build
to run with `make -j`, so it would start a huge number of compile
commands in parallel and eventually abort.

Fixing this caused the 'pd-externals' build to run mostly with `make -j
1`, so it would run one command at a time and go very slowly. I have
patched the Makefile with the necessary '+' prefix for recursive `make`
invocations so that things now work as expected.
parent 81e8af26
......@@ -26,6 +26,8 @@ modules:
commit: 7cf93e5e32009f033430b8bc9c7276adb272853c
- type: patch
path: patch/build-api.patch
- type: patch
path: patch/gnu-make-parallel.patch
- type: patch
path: patch/no-rsync-during-install.patch
......@@ -34,14 +36,14 @@ modules:
subdir: externals
- |
make -j $(FLATPAK_BUILDER_N_JOBS) prefix=/app \
make -j ${FLATPAK_BUILDER_N_JOBS} prefix=/app \
adaptive arraysize autotune bassemu boids comport creb cxc cyclone earplug ekext ext13 fftease \
flatgui freeverb ggee hcs iem_ambi iem_bin_ambi iemlib iemguts iem_adaptfilt iemmatrix \
iemxmlrpc iem_delay iem_roomsim iem_spec2 iem_tab jasch_lib loaders-libdir lyonpotpourri mapping \
markex maxlib mjlib moonlib motex mrpeach pan pdcontainer pddp pdogg plugin pmpd \
rjlib sigpack smlib tof unauthorized vbap windowing
- |
make -j $(FLATPAK_BUILDER_N_JOBS) DESTDIR=/ prefix=/app \
make -j ${FLATPAK_BUILDER_N_JOBS} DESTDIR=/ prefix=/app \
adaptive_install arraysize_install autotune_install bassemu_install \
boids_install comport_install creb_install cxc_install cyclone_install \
earplug_install ekext_install ext13_install fftease_install \
......@@ -75,7 +77,7 @@ modules:
buildsystem: simple
subdir: abstractions
- make -j $(FLATPAK_BUILDER_N_JOBS) DESTDIR=/ prefix=/app install
- make -j ${FLATPAK_BUILDER_N_JOBS} DESTDIR=/ prefix=/app install
- type: git
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