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......@@ -26,6 +26,8 @@
[Fake News Audio Library](#fake-news-audio-library)
[Worst of All Possible Worlds Interpreter](#worst-of-all-possible-worlds-interpreter)
Inject Purr Data Directly into the Web
......@@ -572,3 +574,31 @@ a potential user of the library is able to reason about the features of that
library. It must also be sophisticated enough that one who believes the
misconception doesn't reject the filter out-of-hand as an unfair
exaggeration of their erroneous belief.
Worst of All Possible Worlds Interpreter
### Goal
Write a small scripting language for Purr Data where the time it takes to
compute the output is always the worst case time.
### Challenges
BPFe rules here-- user can write loops but not loop indefinitely. User may have conditionals. No unsafe wizardry allowed.
### Bonus Challenge
Allow user to specify asyncronous behavior with a single float or int value.
E.g., default of 1 means that input will trigger the entire script to run and
trigger the output.
0.5 means input will trigger the script to run *half* its operations and return
control. A subsequent input will run the second half of the operations and
trigger the output.
0.25 means input will trigger a quarter of the operations to run.
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