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[Encapsulation Ergonomics](#encapsulation-ergonomics)
[Fake News Audio Library](#fake-news-audio-library)
Inject Purr Data Directly into the Web
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Additionally, a new class must be added to define a patch template that
fills the role that ".pd" files currently do for abstractions.
Fake News Audio Library
### Goal
Create a set of DSP filters which take common misconceptions about digital
audio and one or more inputs to generate an output that makes those
misconceptions true.
### Details
There is a plethora of misconceptions about digital audio running back
decades. Everything from the wildly subjective (e.g., compact discs don't sound
as "warm" as vinyl records), to the technical (e.g., as the frequency
in a digital audio signal approaches Nyquist the accuracy of that signal
Once a workable list of such misconceptions is enumerated and cross-referenced,
a library should be created for each to take an arbitrary signal input and
generate an output in line with that particular misconception. For example,
if the misconception is "digital audio degrades higher frequencies", the
higher frequencies in the input should be degraded in the generated output
### Challenges
The "misconceived" output for each library must be predictable so that
a potential user of the library is able to reason about the features of that
library. It must also be sophisticated enough that one who believes the
misconception doesn't reject the filter out-of-hand as an unfair
exaggeration of their erroneous belief.
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