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remove WebApp API idea since it essentially duplicates the webassembly idea

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[Inject Purr Data Directly into the Web](#inject-purr-data-directly-into-the-web)
[API for HTML5 Web Apps](#api-for-html5-web-apps)
[K12 Mode](#k12-mode)
[Profile and Optimize Purr Data for Realtime Safety](#profile-and-optimize-purr-data-for-realtime-safety)
......@@ -59,48 +57,6 @@ the GUI framework that has a workable UX within a single browser window.
### Languages
C, HTML5, and Emscripten
API for HTML5 Web Apps
### Goal
Create an API and simple user interface for loading a web app
that can communicate with a Pd patch.
### Details
Currently Pd patches are essentially just an HTML5 page with
a window/application menu. It should be possible
for the user to instead open an arbitrary HTML document that can communicate
through a javascript interface with a Pd patch.
Implementation suggestion: since the current pdgui.js module already has
an interface for sending messages to the Pd backend, we should probably
leverage that to communicate from the web app to Pd. Then it's only
necessary to add a feature that allows a Pd Patch to send messages back
to the web app.
The user should then be able to load an HTML file using the existing
File->Open dialog. Then the web app will need something like the following
* ability to send messages to Pd (already exists)
* ability to tell Pd to load a particular patch in the same directory as
the web app (or perhaps using Pd's search path).
* ability to close a Pd patch
* ability to specify whether the patch we're loading should default to
being visible or hidden
* ability to set callbacks for the web app to receive the following events:
* the Pd patch we wanted to open has loaded
* the Pd patch we loaded has closed
### Languages
Javascript. Some basic knowledge of C will be helpful if we need
to add a method in the Purr Data engine. However, such methods will probably
be quite simple and won't require implementing any complex algorithms in the
C language.
### Potential Mentor
Jonathan Wilkes
K12 Mode
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