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[Terminal REPL](#terminal-repl)
[Speedy Keyboard Entry Holy Grail](#speedy-keyboard-entry-holy-grail)
[Completed Projects From Previous Years](#completed-projects-from-previous-years)
[Core Accessibility](#core-accessibility)
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### Languages
C, some shell scripting.
Speedy Keyboard Entry Holy Grail
### Goal
Design and implement a system of keyboard shortcuts to create Purr Data
diagrams that is as ergonomic and fast as Finale's "Speedy Entry" is for
drawing music notation.
### Details
While Purr Data has some handy features to automate the creation of connection
among objects in a diagram, efficiently writing a Purr Data program currently
requires substantial use of the mouse. It would be much faster if the user
could leverage the keyboard to draw most of the diagram and relegate mouse
usage to only edge-cases.
### Challenges
Visual programming is still really in its infancy. You'll want to study
existing systems like Blender's Node Editor and other prior art.
More challenging is the fact that Purr Data users have essentially resigned
themselves to the idea that creating patches is repetitive, finicky, and
quite tiresome. To create a truly ergonomic approach requires collecting
use-cases from them while at the same time probably adding features which
solve problems they didn't realize they had.
### Languages
A choice of implementing most of this in the frontend, which means HTML5
and vanilla Javascript. Or, implementing it in the backend, which means
Completed Projects From Previous Years
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