1. 30 Oct, 2020 2 commits
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      snap to closest grid line until we've travelled half the distance to the next · fc2f67c4
      Jonathan Wilkes authored
      This gives what is to me smoother and more predictable snapping motion with
      respect to the current mouse position.
      For example-- imagine the grid cell size is 10 and the selected object under
      the mouse already has its top left corner aligned with vertical grid line #2.
      If I begin dragging that object to the left, within a single pixel of motion
      it will snap to vertical grid line #1 which is 9 pixels away from the
      object's current position.
      With this commit, the user must drag the object cellsize / 2 pixels before it
      snaps to a new position.
      To me this seems smoother as it rounds to the nearest grid line rather than
      to the grid line with the smallest coordinate value.
  2. 29 Oct, 2020 1 commit
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      allow different grid sizes (factors of 100 for now, but easily changed) · 6dc3d006
      Jonathan Wilkes authored
      We also keep a partially transparent version of a grid for editmode. This
      allows us to keep editmode visually distinct from runmode, even if snap-to-grid
      isn't turned on.
      If needed it's pretty easy to make the following changes:
      * set the "big" cell size to something that isn't 100 (but I'm not sure how
        much control over the grid we actually want to give users-- e.g., setting
        the big cell to something for which the small cell isn't a factor
      * allow snap-to-grid to be set independently for each canvas. (But again,
        what would be the use case for this?
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